Patrick Dunne & Adi Hadad
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Adi Hadad fucks the hell out of southern hunk Patrick Dunne

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Adi Hadad fucks the hell out of southern hunk Patrick Dunne

Starring: Patrick Dunne, Adi Hadad

Adi Hadad does not want to wait. He wants to jump on Patrick Dunn and ram his cock down his throat. He found out that Patrick likes the rough stuff so he decided to take the dominant role and give him exactly what he likes. And Patrick totally got off on Adi being so forceful with him. Throwing him down on the couch, smacking his sexy ass, telling him just what he is in for. All these things get Patrick so hot he could not wait to swallow his cock and give him a blowjob he would never forget. Of course Adi was not going to tell him how amazing it was because he wanted him to keep working it. But one can only take so much before their urges take control and pretty soon Adi was face down on the very ass he had been slapping, still pink with his handprints. Then he rammed that ass with his rock hard cock, putting all of his incredible sexual energy into each thrust. Patrick could not get enough, and each muscle in his exquisite body is in fine form as he lowers himself onto Adi and impales himself on that nice long dick. And once Adi shoots his load all over Patrick, he licks it up, lingering over those silver dollar nipples of his.


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