Andrew Jakk & Dean Skye
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Andrew Jakk gets fucked by gay power top Dean Skye

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Andrew Jakk gets fucked by gay power top Dean Skye

Starring: Andrew Jakk, Dean Skye

Andrew Jakk and Dean Skye had such an untamed sexual energy between the two of them that we could not wait to start filming. We even held off until the end to interview them because we were afraid of taking the steam out of what was happening before our very eyes. They did not even notice we started because they were so into each other. And if you love a hairy chest how could you not love Dean and that thick lush pelt of his. Andrew could not wait to wrap his lips around his rock hard cock. Then when Dean went down on his a look of pure bliss took over his gorgeous face. You have to see Dean rimming the hot ass Andrew has on him. And seeing Dean laying under him with his face pressed up against his hot bubble butt, cock hard and begging for attention, will bring you close to the brink. But hold off because the very image of Dean blowing his load all over Andrew revisiting his favorite part of Andrew, his ass, by blowing a huge load of spunk all over it is totally worth waiting for.


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srr98011 2 months ago

Great enthusiasm between these guys. Appreciate all the body close-ups in first half and ending - chests, arms, butts, legs, the writhing. Wish there was more of that in the second half, especially of Dean from the rear. Thanks!

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