Benjamin & Chris

Benjamin Bradley and Chris Rockway had one of the wildest nights of RBL so far. Expect to see lots of cock sucking, ass play and deep kissing in this exciting show.

Chad Parker NI

Chad Parker made his debut on Randy Blue live and was forced to do unspeakable things... like sing happy birthday to Don, the host. May 28th, 2009

Nicco Sky AV

Nicco Sky made his first appearance on RBL and what an impact he made! With his beautiful Latino dark skin and intense eyes, not to mention a huge dick. May 26th, 2009

Kevin Falk JG

He's tall, incredibly muscular and absolutely gorgeous. Another wild show with Kevin Falk on RBL.

Reese & Trent PI

When Reese Rideout found Trent Davis' hot ass staring him right in the face, he couldn't resist rimming him and sucking his big dick. May 14th, 2009.

Dustin Steele LB

Dustin Steele made his debut as Fresh Meat on RBL with a cowboy hat on his head and his big thick dick in his hand. April 28th, 2009

Leo Giamani 5

The hot and hunky Leo Giamani brough his lickable muscles to RBL. April 21st, 2009

Chris Rockway 7

He's got a sexy masculine charm, tight pecs, washboard abs and nice big dick. Chris Rockway does another amazing show on RBL. April 23rd, 2009

Gavin Tate 4

Gavin Tate returns with an even hotter muscular body those sexy full lips. April 7t, 2009

Ryan Rockford 3

Ryan Rockford always thrills RBL audiences with his hot muscular body and sharp handsome features. March 17th, 2009

Mike & Xander JU

Mike West and Xander Scott got into some hot blowjobs and ass play on this episode of Randy Blue Live.

Lucky Daniels 3

When Lucky Daniels comes to Randy Blue Live you know it's gonna be a great show with his sexy chest hair and hot ass. April 9th, 2009

Max Cruz 3

Utterly adorable, undeniably sexy, and just too much fun, Max Cruz gave his all for an unforgettable RBL! March 10th, 2009

Ryan Rockford's St. Patty's Day

Hot muscular body, sexy pits, hot nips and a great ass, this is Ryan Rockford on a special St. Patty's Day RBL.

Benjamin Bradley BI

Benjamin Bradley made his RBL debut one to remember with his tanned handsome face and smooth muscular body. April 2nd, 2009

Victor Verando NK

With his hot Latino features and sexy smooth body, Victor Verando made his debut on RBL loads of fun! March 3rd, 2009

Jason Harper MO

Jason Harper's debut on RBL was a lot of fun, especially after he released the anaconda hiding in his shorts and it took over the world! March 26th, 2009

Johnny Angel 2

Johnny Angel proves there is nothing he won't do for his Randy Blue Live audience, especially when it comes to that hot bubble butt of his. March 12th, 2009

Chris & Malachi

Malachi Marx and Chris Rockway suck each other off and share some passionate kisses on this episode of RBL

Ethan & Trent

Trent Davis and Ethan Parker get off on mutual masturbation and hot blowjobs on RBL. February 12th, 2009

Derrek Diamond

The adorable Derrek Diamond gave an amazing performance and jerked his hard cock on Randy Blue Live. February 17, 2009

Sean Everett 2

Sean Everett brought us his sexy bod and shiny disposition, not to mention a whole bag of sex toys! How much fun can a guy have with a dildo up his hot ass? Ask Sean. Feb 26th, 2009

Brandon Kent ZT

Brandon Kent's first video on Randy Blue was so hot we couldn't wait to get him on RBL. And with that hot ass, hairy chest and handsome face, he brought down the house. February 24, 2009

Xander Scott 3

You know you're in for some fun when Xander Scott takes over the Randy Blue Live Studios. And this show was no exception. Hot body, big dick, loads of cum. Ya gotta love Xander. Feb 19, 2009 February 19, 2009

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